2013 marks 36 yrs. of service for the Hispanic Commission in Fresno County. The Commission takes pride in our longstanding sustainability in the AOD arena providing services in rural and urban Fresno County since 1977. We are grateful to our participants, staff, Board of Directors, friends, Community Partners 4 Recovery, Law Enforcement, Judicial System, and other collaborating agencies and individuals for joining us in Celebrating on Friday the 13th of September 2013. A wealth of knowledge and expertise from our speakers mainly from Law Enforcement, i.e., as well as the Honorable Rosendo Pena appointed Associate Justice of the Fifth Court of Appeal, all sharing what their departments are doing to combat the drug and alcohol problems. Fresno PD Sgt. Bruce Owens also brought the "Patrol Cab," to avert drunk drivers from getting out on the roads under the influence of any Substance Use Disorders. If you want to make a contribution you can do so by doing an online donation to help support the community at large.